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It’s exactly a year since I published my first blog post with great fear and trepidation! Would anyone read them? Would people think I was getting too big for my boots by blogging? Would anyone care? Every time I have pressed the publish button I have had those feelings.

Thirty-five posts later and some 10,000 hits and visitors from so many nations of the world including one or two I’d never even heard of before, I am here celebrating my first year!

I’ve been amazed by the journey I’ve been on and blessed by the friendships I’ve made through blogging and also the new friends I now have on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s been a wonderful journey which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and that I hope you have benefited from too. My passion is this – to share lessons from my personal journey which will enable others to grow in their journey of faith. There is so much we can learn from one another.

During the past year the most read posts have been the five below which have each accounted for hundreds of individual hits. Maybe this is an opportunity to read them again or for the first time:

1. The Day That Changed My Life Forever

2. No Fear

3. Its What You Do In Secret

4. How To Kickstart Your Prayer Life

5. Let God Promote You

I’ve also finally managed to create an archive page where every single post and page is listed – so why not take a look. All my posts are there.

Building My Blog
I enjoy blogging and it’s become my hobby – maybe you’ve considered doing it yourself? I’ve put together a build your own blog page containing some of the things I’ve learn’t during this first year – I’ve learned so much and thought it would be an idea to share some of those tips.

My First Book
I’m working hard to complete my first book which is about ‘Wisdom.’ So far I’ve written about 28000 words and my aim is to publish in late Autumn. I hope you will take a look at it once it’s published.

Join My Mailing List
Why not sign up for regular updates on new posts and my first book by using the sign up link just below this post. I promise you I will rarely trouble you with emails and certainly won’t be passing on your address to anyone.

Thank You!
Thanks again for taking the time to visit my blog and for your ongoing support and encouragement…comments and feedback are always welcome. Why not leave one today. God bless



2 Comments on “Celebrate!”

  1. Congratulations! Keep spreading God’s love as you journey through this life! May God continue to expand your territory as you continue to seek and Him and serve Him by serving others.

    God Bless you!

    1. Thanks Lucy Ann. God has been very gracious too me – I’m amazed at His patience with me and His willingness to change and transform me through the journey He’s taken me on. It just makes you love Him more! God bless!

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